Download GBWhatsApp Apk(Latest Version)

GBWhatsApp Apk

gbwhatsapp apk

For those who haven’t known, the Gbwhatsapp App is the modified version of Whatsapp. This app has been favorite amongst the WhatsApp users who want to boost their communicating experience. The Gbwhatsapp App has additional features that the original WhatsApp does not have. More and more users are using Gbwhatsapp App over the initial version because it gives tons of benefits for them. After reading this, you might want to turn to Gbwhatsapp App as well.

The Gbwhatsapp App is available for a full range of Android smartphone. With the Gbwhatsapp App, you will be able to use two mobile numbers of Whatsapp on a single device. Impressive, isn’t it? Not to mention that this advanced version of WhatsApp also have tons of privacy features so that the users will bring their means of communication to the next level.

Download this apk here “gbwhatsapp apk”

Imagine that you can use different numbers on one device. That means you could use your business and personal accounts at the same machine, or whatever the system you’d like.

We mentioned that the Gbwhatsapp App has the privacy features. It will improve your user’s experience as well. With the privacy features, you can:

  • Hide your online status
  • Hide the status
  • Hide  blue and second ticks
  • Sharing the documents and media.
  • Share large sizes of videos and audios
  • And so on…

As mentioned, it is prevalent for Android devices. That means even if you are using the medium-end handheld, you will be able to use Gbwhatsapp App on your phone. You will not lose your history as well. So, after installing the Gbwhatsapp App on your smartphone, the app will transfer the data of Official WhatsApp to your Gbwhatsapp App.

Since it is not available in the Google Play Store, you will need to download it from the third party. Keep in mind that the third party app download sites can be unforgiving out there. So, it is sensible to only stick to the trusted site like this page. You can download the Gbwhatsapp App from here.

The Gbwhatsapp App is the modded version of WhatsApp. The good thing is that you don’t have to read the manual since you are already familiar with the WhatsApp. It only takes seconds until you are familiar with the features. Even better, you don’t have to root your device to install the Gbwhatsapp App on your smartphone. So, what are you waiting for? Get one for you now.

Is It available for IOS?

This application is at present not available on ios devices as it is available on for Android devices, I think this should come to ios devices also, so IOS device users must wait until they give any confirmation or else they should search for other alternative.

Features Of GBWhatsApp Apk 

  • The first feature is you can hide status, hide chats, save status or save story.
  • It can hide blue ticks, last seen, second tick, typing message etc
  • You can delete messages or retrieve messages and send messages to 650 people at a time.
  • There are tons of new emojis added to WhatsApp.
  • The video calling and audio calling works perfectly well without any issues
  • The WhatsApp now has a new look and supports more than 100 languages
  • In this application you can customize your themes of your own, in addition to this you can also create your own theme.
  • This application provides a better privacy.


the gbwhatsapp apk is now the best mod available in the market because of its awesome unique features and smoother experience also safe too. If you want to know the installation procedure then i have provided a youtube link below.

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